Animated and Interactive Maps in R

Tutorial for creating animated maps using packages like `tmap` and `gganimate` and interactive maps using packages like `ggiraph`, `mapview`, `leaflet` and `plotly`.

Spatial Subsetting in R

Learn different topological relations to spatially subset data via the `sf` package

Shiny & Geospatial Visualization

At the second R Users Delhi Meetup, I gave a talk on building interactive choropleths in R. In particular, I covered wrangling Census data with `tidyverse` tools, working with `sf` spatial dataframes, mapping in `leaflet`, and adding interactivity …

Interactive Choropleths with Shiny and Leaflet

Explore electricity, latrine and water access data from the Indian Census

Zoom-Triggered Actions in Leaflet and Shiny

Explore median household income data in the Delaware Valley at various levels of scope

Animating Dosas

Scraping Saravana Bhavan's web site to map restaurant locations in time and space