Dashboards with shinydashboard & ggiraph

Explore how access to electricity in India varies with respect to latrine access at state and district levels through a scatterplot, dumbbell plot and a bivariate bubble map

Comparative Thematic Mapping with Mapdeck

Compare mapping styles like a choropleth, dot density map, proportional symbols map, and 3D choropleth using Indian electricity and latrine access data

Animated and Interactive Maps in R

Tutorial for creating animated maps using packages like `tmap` and `gganimate` and interactive maps using packages like `ggiraph`, `mapview`, `leaflet` and `plotly`.

Shiny & Geospatial Visualization

At the second R Users Delhi Meetup, I gave a talk on building interactive choropleths in R. In particular, I covered wrangling Census data with `tidyverse` tools, working with `sf` spatial dataframes, mapping in `leaflet`, and adding interactivity …

Interactive Choropleths with Shiny and Leaflet

Explore electricity, latrine and water access data from the Indian Census

Zoom-Triggered Actions in Leaflet and Shiny

Explore median household income data in the Delaware Valley at various levels of scope

Generate Choropleths and Cartograms in Shiny

Visualize India's states through a range of geospatial representations

Text Mining: TF-IDF & Sentiment Analysis

Tidy text analysis of India PM’s radio addresses in a Shiny app

Next Word Prediction

Next word prediction app in support of JHU Data Science Capstone on Coursera