An R Data Package for Preparing and Visualizing India-tagged Data from the NYT Article Search API

open-data r-packages shiny leaflet tidyverse ggiraph ggplot2 dygraphs DT gt

An R package to query the Article Search API of The New York Times for articles with an “India” location keyword. It also includes functions to prepare this data to be ready for analysis, as well as a shiny app to visualize the output dataset.

In 2020, I started exploring what kind of data that the New York Times’ Article Search API was capable of returning. I began collecting all of the data with an India location keyword since the earliest available date (1851).

What started as a data analysis project, I gradually reworked into an R package to make it easier to query the API every month and rebuild the cleaned output dataset fed into the shiny app’s visualizations.

You can find all of the package details, including vignettes, in the GitHub repository.


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