Explore how access to electricity in India varies with respect to latrine access at state and district levels through a scatterplot, dumbbell plot and a bivariate bubble map

Compare mapping styles like a choropleth, dot density map, proportional symbols map, and 3D choropleth using Indian electricity and latrine access data

Learn different topological relations to spatially subset data via the sf package

Explore electricity, latrine and water access data from the Indian Census

Explore median household income data in the Delaware Valley at various levels of scope

Visualize India’s states through a range of geospatial representations

Tidy text analysis of India PM’s radio addresses in a Shiny app

Investigation and visualization of 2016 Presidential election campaign contributions in PA

Next word prediction app in support of JHU Data Science Capstone on Coursera

Exploring the effectiveness of different ML models to classify motion data into exercise categories

Using linear regression models to quantify the difference in fuel efficiency among automatic and manual transmission cars

My attempt at the classic Kaggle competition to predict survival on the Titanic


Tutorial for creating animated maps using packages like tmap and gganimate and interactive maps using packages like ggiraph, mapview, …

Tutorial for creating static choropleths and cartograms using packages like tmap, ggplot2, cartogram, geogrid and geofacet.

An introduction to Python’s Pygal plotting library

Recreating a D3 visualization of Walmart’s US growth in R with gganimate

Scraping Saravana Bhavan’s web site to map restaurant locations in time and space


Building an interactive choropleth with the sf, leaflet and shiny packages

Introducing a tidy workflow for text analysis with the tidytext package


SQL Fundamentals Track


Introduction to Scripting in Python Specialization

Rice University, Coursera

SQL for Data Science

UC Davis, Coursera

Statistics with R Specialization

Duke University, Coursera

Data Science Specialization

Johns Hopkins University, Coursera

Python for Everybody Specialization

University of Michigan, Coursera

Introduction to Programming Nanodegree